HIPAA and PCI Compliance

Explore the benefits of Guardian SecureView. The only compliance solution specifically built for Dental offices.

Guardian SecureView

Built and delivered 100% in the cloud, Guardian SecureView delivers ‘security as a service’ to your office. By securely connecting users to their applications, regardless of device, location, or network, you can rest assured that security issues will be detected and mitigated before damage is caused. Poor training or disgruntled employees can put your business at risk. Guardian SecureView puts you back into control with the ultimate in oversight of your operations.

Guardian SecureView is a proactive multi-factor approach to security, control, and compliance. What makes our solution unique is the use of both technology and training tools to help protect your computing environment and put you in compliance with government regulations. It is affordable, accessible, and requires no complex processes to get started.

  • Affordable. No expensive consultants, flexible contracts.
  • 100% cloud based. No devices or hardware to purchase or maintain.
  • Fast. Get secured and complaint in days, not weeks or months.
  • Easy. We monitor and maintain everything for you 24/7.
Guardian SecureView works by routing all internet traffic in your office through our cloud based system where advanced machine learning algorithms are used to protect your data and employees from ongoing threats. Think of this like your traditional anti-virus software only much more comprehensive in nature. Not only are you protected in real-time from malware, viruses, ransomware, and phishing attempts, but policies can be set to control and monitor employee Internet usage. The additional controls reduce the likelihood of security incidents.

Not all threats come from the outside. Data from your computers and our security gateway is fed into our logging and analysis engine. Our SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system analyzes your data for malicious behavior, hack attempts, rogue programs, and other security issues that could come from internal sources. You are protected from both internal and external threats. The data from all of this activity is kept long term for HIPAA and PCI compliance purposes.

Going beyond technology, we help your business stay in compliance with policy development, routine training, and 24/7 monitoring. Our SOC (Security Operations Center) will take action on any issues within your computing environment automatically and contact your staff to schedule resolution. Our goal is to discover and resolve issues before they affect your business operations.

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Very little configuration is required to benefit from the powerful built-in security toolsets. Pre-built policies will be put in place and adjusted to meet your unique needs. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is used to analyze communication data in real time to stop malicious content before it can reach your network.

  • Stop data loss and leakage
  • Protect employees from malicious programs and websites
  • Stop hackers and viruses from communicating outside of your network
  • Block access to unapproved applications
  • Ransomware defense


Are you worried about government and industry compliance issues? Audits can happen at any time and are increasing. Guardian SecureView will put you in compliance with the PCI, HIPAA, and HITECH technology requirements. It gives you a toolset to control what people put onto the internet and includes a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) component for peace of mind.

  • Log retention and reporting (a HIPAA and PCI requirement)
  • DLP to prevent putting sensitive customer data in the wrong places (a HIPAA and PCI requirement)
  • Full computer, user, and network activity logging (a HIPAA and PCI requirement)

Business Productivity

Many organisations are concerned about lost productivity from (for example) the use of Facebook; or 'shadow IT' services like Google Drive, or Dropbox. Guardian SecureView gives you complete visibility of user behavior, so you can intelligently shape policy as needed.

Guest Wi-Fi Security

Eliminate security loopholes and inappropriate downloads with Guest Wi‑Fi protection. Wireless access points open your network to attacks both by customers inside your building and non-customers outside of your building. Often, wireless access points are also directly connected to internal company networks providing hackers with easier access. Guardian SecureView includes Guest Wi-Fi security that protects your customers and your company by securing the network and ensuring compliance with privacy laws and other regulations.

Secure and Monitored Data Backups

Is your IT company looking out for your data? Many organizations don’t know they have data backup problems until it’s too late. Do you know if your data backups are working correctly on a consistent basis? Is all of your critical business data included in your backups? If you don’t know the answer to these questions you could be putting your business at risk.

Guardian SecureView includes a robust data backup solution. Our implementation engineers will analyze your office environment, applications, and existing services to ensure the proper data backup strategy is in place. Once in place, our team monitors your data backups on a daily basis to ensure your business is 100% protected. In the event of problems, our engineers will fix them for you proactively.


Daily reports are sent via email to approved staff members of your company. This will give you a basic overview of any issues and activity. In addition, access to your account via our online portal will allow you to view more detailed information about the state of your environment.

Support and Incident Response

Our engineers are available to provide support to your office via email or phone. We are able to help you adjust policies as needed as well as provide support for any emergency issues that may arise. Most importantly, should you have a security incident we can assist your local IT team with recovery as well as provide advanced access to data regarding the incident. When any security problem is identified by our system our team will reach out to you to schedule resolution. We are working for you 24/7!


HIPAA and basic security training is essential in the healthcare industry. Being confident that your employees know their responsibilities and can adequately abide by policy is critical to stay safe and not face fines or lawsuits. Training is conducted online through our comprehensive compliance portal.


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Did you know?

  • HIPAA Compliance is Not Voluntary
  • The enactment of the Final Omnibus Rule in 2013 doubled the maximum fine for a single violation of HIPAA from $25,000 to $50,000 per compromised patient record.
  • Compliance with HIPAA Will Not Reduce Workplace Efficiency
  • Employee action is one of the most common forms of data breach.
  • Approximately 23% of HIPAA breaches originate from hacking.
  • Guardian SecureView can get you compliant in 21 days